This Thursday, the presidential spokesperson Gabriela Cerruti, at a press conference, explained that the Government declared the labor emergency to be over, and that the double compensation of the companies, the measure that had been in force since December 2019, will not be renewed.

“The double compensation was a measure that was taken as an emergency and that had to do with the crisis caused by the pandemic,” said the official, who added that “we have employment numbers that show that unemployment continues to fall, that unemployment continues to be created jobs, 20,000 per month. This growth in employment allows us to consider that there is a new situation in which what we have to continue doing is promoting the creation of formal employment and the best parities”.

It should be remembered that the double compensation had been lowering the percentage that a company had to pay when dismissing a worker: since last December it had reduced payments for labor dismissals to an extra 25% in the last two months and, since July 1 of this year return to normal amounts.

The measure was originally taken as soon as Alberto Fernández came to power to prevent companies from laying off staff during the 2019 recession, first, and then at a time when the Covid-19 pandemic was having a strong impact on employment.