After the announcement of a renewed Fair Prices and the agreements for the school basket, the Ministry of Economy is preparing a new price agreement with the meat sector after the sharp increase that this food suffered during January that led to the increase in inflation .

The advance of the announcement occurs one day before the INDEC releases the data of the Consumer Price Index (CPI) in January, the first of 2023 and, according to different private consultancies, it will be close to 6%.

The Secretary of Internal Commerce, Matias Tombolinirevealed that “There are a series of negotiations that will be announced shortly” and that these will be measures that will operate “on the pocket of butcher shops.” In addition, there will be “powerful decisions on the program of Care Cuts”the list of cuts of meat at maximum prices that the Government implemented in supermarkets and different outlets until last September, according to what he stated to FM Urban Play.

Matias Tombolini

For now, there are no details of the new measures, but It is known that January inflation will be known on Tuesday and the forecasts are not good in relation to the drop expected by Sergio Massa.