This Monday afternoon, the leader of the Tupac Amaru organization, who is serving house arrest, was transferred to the Los Lapachos clinic in San Salvador de Jujuy and had to be admitted to the emergency room due to the diagnosis of deep vein thrombosis. Today, Wednesday 29, President Alberto Fernández visited Milagros Sala in Jujuy.

After the visit, the Governor of the Province reacted indignantly to the news. The first retort from Gerardo Morales came after the inauguration of Secondary School No. 48 in the Alto Comedero neighborhood, one of the most closely identified with Tupac.

“In my humanistic conviction I wish Mrs. Milagro Sala, who has been visited by the President, to recover her health, but to continue her sentence in a common prison,” he said at the ceremony and asked the president “not to govern for a faction, that governs for all the Argentine people”.

Subsequently, I publish in your account Twitter a harsh letter where he questions the actions of Alberto Fernández. “What are his priorities, Mr. President?” Morales wrote.

“I am surprised that with the country’s situation on the brink of the abyss: with uncontrolled inflation, with a lack of energy and fuel, with shortages of some supplies and goods for production, with restrictive measures that are suffocating our economy, among other serious problems of the country, you take the time to come to the Province of Jujuy to visit Milagro Sala”, he emphasized.

“But what worries me the most is that you continue to turn a deaf ear to the desperate request of hundreds of victims who suffered the most aberrant human rights violations during the reign of violence and corruption exercised by Milagro Sala for more than 10 years of parallel government. “, he pointed