After returning to the country Ulysses GoodAfter traveling to Uruguay to undergo an operation on his throat due to polyps, the singer gave a show at Forja in front of thousands of fans who gathered there to enjoy his music again. El Flaco gave a unique recital with a wide repertoire and he was happy to be able to do what he enjoys so much again.

However, not everything was fun, there was also a very emotional moment when the artist decided to open his heart and talk about one of the darkest moments of his life: addictions, consumption and excesses. I feel clean of all kinds of excesses. I am happy, thank you. I hope it serves as an example. that my biggest challenge was to change my lifestyle. Because what I set out to do in music I achieved: I met my goals, I met the goals of several. The most difficult of all was to break a habit of many years”Ulises Bueno confessed.

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In addition, the singer told the reasons that led him to consume and gave a hopeful message to all those who are going through a similar situation. “Because of sadness, anguish, loneliness, because one has an attachment to something that is an anesthetic for the soul. But you can live without it, you can be happy. I recommend them”expressed Skinny.

“You are told by a person who has done things wrong, but fought a lot to try to show you that it can be done. And yes, it can be done. Here we are standing, fighting, enjoying your happiness. Thank you for making me happy , andI waited a long time for this. I haven’t recognized this for a long time.sentenced the artist.