The heat will not let up this week, in Córdoba temperatures will reach up to 41 degrees. The extended forecast announces a maximum of 39° for Tuesday, 41° for Wednesday and 39° for Thursday and Friday. The heat in the middle of the school and work season has everyone overwhelmed and users made their discontent felt on the networks.

The “winter team” point against the “summer team”, the war is already declared. Meanwhile, some users emphasized the heat that is experienced early. Next we leave you the best memes of the platform.

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Given the rise in temperatures, the Ministry of Health recommends:

Increase water consumption without waiting to be thirsty to maintain adequate hydration.
Do not expose yourself to the sun excessively, nor in central hours of the day (between 10 and 16 hours).
Pay attention to babies, children and the elderly.
Avoid caffeinated, alcoholic or highly sugary drinks.
Avoid very large meals.
Eat vegetables and fruits.
Reduce physical activity.
Wear light, loose-fitting, and light-colored clothing; hat, dark glasses.
Stay in ventilated or conditioned spaces.
Remember that there is no pharmacological treatment against heat stroke and only the classic methods, cited above, can prevent and counteract it.