The National Institute of Statistics and Censuses (INDEC) released the labor market rates for the fourth quarter of 2022, where Greater Córdoba is not only positioned with the highest employment/occupation rate in the Pampas region (46.4 % and 44.9%, respectively) and higher than the national average (44.6%), but rather accounts for its highest level of employment in the last 20 years.

In number of people, the unemployed in Greater Córdoba were, at the end of 2022, just over 50 thousand people, the second lowest record in five years. In the same quarter of 2017, before the 2018 economic crisis, the same data had marked 46 thousand people.

In the province of Córdoba, a sustained increase in registered salaried employment has been observed, with strategic sectors showing their highest level of job creation in the last two decades. Among those that stand out are the agricultural sector, the food industry, the manufacture of machinery and equipment, wholesale and automotive trade, and activities associated with the knowledge economy such as information technology and research.

Although INDEC highlighted the amount of work that has increased, there are large gaps regarding the quality of said positions and job performance. The reality is that there is an evident situation of job insecurity, which leads many people to have more than one formal job in order to cover expenses.