This Tuesday at noon Norberto Palese ceased to exist, better known as Chub Fontana, an announcer and historical conductor in the Argentine media. For some time now he had been suffering from health problems, especially pneumonia that affected his respiratory tract after contracting coronavirus.

Just two days before the sad news, his former partner and mother of his daughters Antonella and Ludmila, the model and actress Liliana Caldini, had died. Fontana had been admitted to the Fernández Hospital with this diagnosis at the beginning of May. As indicated in the last medical part of it, the announcer had sepsis secondary to a urinary tract infection.

Cacho Fontana was part of programs that marked national TV, and had phrases that went down in history in his popular programs such as “Odol Question” and “Fontana Show”.

Social networks echoed the heartfelt farewells of other media leaders in the country: