The popular song by Evangelina Sobredo Alanes, known by her stage name, Cecilia sets a trend on social networks every November 9. It is that in the song “a bouquet of violets” of the singer indicates that every November 9 a woman received flowers from a stranger.

They assure that the story was born from a family anecdote of Cecilia and it was the artist’s sister who was in charge of telling the story behind this hit in an interview they did on Spanish television. “My father always sent us out to pick violets when we were little, and he would tell us, ‘bring a bunch of violets for mom and give it to her’”, said Teresa Sobredo.

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It was that memory that inspired Cecilia to write the song about a woman who received a bouquet of flowers every year on the same date from a secret admirer, who was actually her husband.

In Córdoba La Mona Jiménez was in charge of reversing this song and putting the tunga tunga rhythm to its melody. Also, artists like Julio Iglesias, Zalo Reyes, Pablo Milanés, Natalia Oreiro, among others, made some versions of this hit.

Then we leave you the best known version in our province in charge of the Mandamás: