The health minister, Gabriela Barbasput the meeting room into operation Intermediate Care Unit (ICU) of the Children’s Hospitalwhich was completely remodeled.

“We continue advancing and expanding the approach network for acute lower respiratory infections for pediatrics. Today we are putting 24 beds in intermediate care units into operation, in this room that was refunctionalized; all the medical gas panels were updated and the infrastructure was modernized”, detailed.

The total investment was more than 26 million pesos, between the comprehensive remodeling of an area of ​​500 square meters and the replacement of the entire medical gas installation, which will improve benefits. The works included the replacement of ceilings, lighting, taps and toilets, and were completely conditioned, walls, floors and baseboards, doors, closets and the complete painting of the place. New supplies and furniture for the use of the staff were acquired, making it possible to improve the medical rooms and the nursing room.

The opening of the ICU In turn, it allowed the expansion of the high-flow oxygen beds sector. Besides, 65 professionals joined within the framework of the contingency plan for acute lower respiratory infections.

The minister was accompanied by the management team of the HospitalVerónica Petri and Analía Garnero; the Undersecretary of Hospital Management, charles black; the director of capital hospitals, Carlos Giordana, among other authorities and members of the health team.