The Impeachment Committee of the Chamber of Deputies will begin today to resolve whether to open the removal process to the members of the Supreme Court of Justice. Based on a project that is promoted by President Alberto Fernández and several governors considering that the magistrates of the highest court incurred in “bad performance” in several of their rulings.

The commission chaired by the deputy of the Frente de Todos Carolina Gaillard (Entre Ríos) will meet at 11 to begin to analyze the files that propose the impeachment of Horacio Rosatti -president of the highest court- Carlos Rosenkrantz, Juan Carlos Maqueda and Ricardo Lorenzetti .

The ruling party has the necessary number in the impeachment commission to sign the bill’s opinion, but not with the two-thirds majority that is required to approve the text in the lower house.

The intention of the ruling party is to begin today with the analysis of the files and define the work scheme, since the first step of the commission will be to establish whether the requests for impeachment are admissible and there the ruling party has a majority to impose its criteria.

Subsequently, it is estimated that in 15 days the stage of the opening of the trial will begin, which will last until the end of March, approximately, to collect the evidence related to the requests for prosecution of the ministers of the Court.

The issue was included in the call for special sessions promoted by the Executive Power from January 23 to February 28.