The Google Maps platform announced the new features it incorporated to improve user navigation within it. These are three new additions: Flyover-type aerial views, improvements for cyclists and location sharing.

The most striking is undoubtedly the photorealistic aerial view of emblematic areas of the world, including the Empire State in New York or Big Ben in London. Thanks to this, users will be able to see 3D and 360 ° recreations on their screens, so far Google has made available to users the views of almost 100 of the most popular landmarks in the world.

To find out which ones are available, users just need to search for a landmark on Google Maps and go to the Photos section.

As for the novelties for cyclists, it is found that they will now be able to have a better preview of the routes they travel and their possible obstacles, as well as a function to receive notifications when someone they know arrives or leaves a certain place. You can also see if there will be a lot of traffic, stairs or very steep climbs.

The latest novelty is related to real-time location sharing. Although several apps allow this function, now Google Maps also incorporates it into its platform.