The head of the Institute against Discrimination, Xenophobia and Racism (Inadi), Greta Pena, summoned the General Auditor of the Nation and one of the leaders of Together for Change (JxC), Miguel Ángel Pichetto, to attend the organization after his statements on the sexual orientation of the Minister for Women, Gender and Diversity, Ayelén Mazzina, and warned that “there are limits that we cannot cross”.

The official announced the call after the demonstrations carried out last night by Pichetto on a television channel, where he criticized the ministry led by Mazzina for its position on the murder of Lucio Dupuy and said that it is not commanded by a woman since its owner is a lesbian.

“(The Ministry) is in the hands of a girl who is a lesbian, which is fine. I believe in individual freedom, I believe in the right to happiness, I voted for all the equality laws. But if it is the Ministry of Women, They could have put a woman in. And they could have made a coherent statement,” Pichetto told LN+ last night.

At the intersection of these comments Mazzina came out, who expressed through her social networks: “I am a woman, lesbian, feminist and Minister of Women, Gender and Diversity of the Nation and I invite Pichetto to talk about ESI when he feels ready” .

Pichetto’s statements generated strong criticism for which the auditor general retracted on his social networks.

However, the minister had repudiated the crime and, in dialogue with Télam, highlighted the need to “break the silence about violence against children.”

“We must talk about violence against children, break the silence, we must not give up our words, and take charge that as a society, as adults, and as a State in particular, what happened is an aberrational event,” he stressed in a interview with this agency.