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The increases with which Julio arrives: find out what they are

In the midst of a battle between the purchasing power of wages and the prices of goods and services in Argentina, and while the increase in inflation does not subside, the month of July comes with several increases expected. To the already confirmed increase in the quotas of prepaid medicine companies, which will be 4% during this month, are added, those still pending although imminent, in toll rates, intercity transport tickets, internet, cable and telephony, among others.

On June 28, the public hearing convened by the Regulatory Entity of Public Services of the province of Córdoba (Ersep) was carried out and now the final resolution of the agency is missing authorizing the increase of 20 pesos per pass for the tolls of the Network of Access to Córdoba, requested by the company Caminos de las Sierras.

Estimates indicate that the rate will go from the current $130 to $150 before the start of the July holidays, accumulating increases of 50% so far this year. Tolls are expected to be as follows: highway tolls would rise from $130 to $150, Route 36 (Córdoba – Río Cuarto) from $140 to $160, and Route 9 South and E55 (Córdoba – Calera) from $120 to $140 .

Intercity transport:
Although the companies in the sector requested a rate update of 57% for the ticket, it is estimated that the increase that Ersep will authorize will be less than requested. From the sector they hope that finally the agency will give the final approval to authorize a rise that they already estimate has become outdated, given the constant increases in the prices of inputs.

Internet, telephone and cable:
Last April, the National Communications Entity (Enacom) authorized two increases in internet, telephony and cable TV rates that would be applied in May and July respectively, after publishing Resolution 725/2022 in the Official Gazette, and that will be 9.5 percent each time.

The prices for the “pure prepaid modality” of cellular telephony were set as follows:

  • Top-up of 50 MB of mobile data per day: $27.40 in May and $30 in July, including taxes.

-Second voice: $0.42 in May and $0.46 in July, including taxes.

-SMS: $5.50 in May and $6 in July, including taxes.

Cordovan waters:
With the increases granted until April, the water bill had already accumulated increases of 38.5%. Now the company has requested another 13.2% increase. It should be remembered that during the past year, the rate increased above inflation, totaling an increase of 64%.

During this year, the tickets of the Provincial Energy Company of Córdoba (EPEC) already had a rise of 12%, while the request for a new recomposition of 6% is still pending and it is not ruled out that it will become official in the coming weeks. .

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