The end of the year parties are not the same for everyone, a large number of citizens live in extreme poverty. In Córdoba, in the first semester alone, a total of 632,208 poor people were registered and the rate of indigence affects some 170,120 Cordovans, 13,281 people more than in 2021. No one is oblivious to this reality, which is why Damián Córdoba promoted a solidarity movement to accompany people who are living on the streets.

El Wacho shared a video through his social networks in which he was seen delivering Christmas boxes to people who were sleeping in the squares, outside the banks and on the sidewalks. The singer visited Plaza San Martín and various streets and avenues in the downtown area.

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The video received more than 40,000 likes and thousands of comments from the quartet’s followers congratulating him on the incredible gesture he had towards those people.

Watch the full video here: