Over the weekend, the singer of the band “The Monkey”, José Sarmineto, became the protagonist of an incredible gesture towards a dancer. According to the artist, a young man was the victim of a robbery and from his humble place he wanted to give him a hand.

As it was recently known, the news of the criminal act had reached the ears of José Sarmiento and his brother Rodrigo, who usually see the dancer in the dances they perform. That was how the next day, they sent him an audio message inviting him to one of his shows. “Come to the dance today, it’s going to be a great Friday”they told them.

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And in the middle of the show, the singer stopped and invited Fede Olmos, the dancer, to come on stage. There the artist recounted what had happened to the young man, who recently lost his motorcycle when two criminals surprised him while he was working and snatched his work tool. In this context, the singer gave way to his dance to collaborate financially with Fede.

But before that happened, the singer gave him 40 thousand pesos and immediately invited his fans to help Fede by making a small contribution. So it was that he decided to pass the cap among those present to recover what was lost.