Without a doubt, 2022 was one of the best years for La Konga, the quartet band from Villa Dolores. In August they won two awards at the Gardel Awards for Best Quartet Group Album Y Best Quartet Songfor his song with Nahuel Pennisi named after his album, “Universo Paralelo”.

Now, Spotify released a report regarding the “top ten” of the most listened to artists during 2022 and to everyone’s surprise the band reached number 8. An important fact is that La Konga is the only quartet band that forms part of the music ranking.

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The quartet group ranked behind artists such as: Bad Bunny, Duki, Maria Becerra, Bizarrap, Rauw Alejandro, Tiago PZK and Tini. The shortlist is completed by Nicki Nicole and Quevedo. Also, Parallel universe He also achieved an important record. The song by the quartet group together with Nahuel Pennisi reached the 7th position, while the album was in the top 3 of the most listened to in 2022.