The National Central Single Coordinating Institute for Ablation and Implantation (INCUCAI) spoke about the statements of the deputy for Libertad Avanza, Javier Milei, about the sale of organs.

“Why does the State have to regulate everything? There are studies done in the United States that say that if you left that free market it would work a lot and you would have fewer problems. It is a decision of each one. Why can’t I decide about my body? What’s the point?” Milei had said in an interview with journalist Jorge Lanata.

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In this regard, the INCUCAI condemned the statements of the libertarian official, assuring that “it is expressly prohibited by law” and that the donation is based “on a decision of solidarity, so there can be no consideration in exchange.” He also argued that “Organ trade is prohibited by the Transplant Law” and recalled that this practice “is based on a supportive, altruistic and disinterested decision, so there can be no economic consideration in return.”

“In our country, living organ donation is only allowed for those over 18 years of age in the case of blood relatives or by adoption up to the fourth degree, spouses, or people who maintain a cohabiting union. In this way, it is guaranteed that no there is no trade or any kind of compensation for organ donation,” they said.

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