This Tuesday began the placement of the pedestrian bridge to the west of the city of Córdoba in the Rubén Américo Martí Environmental Pole. The work will connect the new Botanical Garden with the property of the Universidad Libre del Ambiente (ULA).

From the Municipality of Córdoba they reported that the first beam of the bridge that will connect both places will be placed on two ready-made columns, the other two will be installed in the coming weeks. In total there will be three 23-meter beams, which will end in a 69-meter bridge.


El Polo is a sector to the west of Córdoba in which there are different spaces such as the Botanical Garden, the Free University of the Environment (ULA), the new building of the Institute for Environmental and Animal Protection (IPAA) and a square that has a Bust of the ex-radical mayor for whom it is named. They were inaugurated during Martí’s term (1991-1999) with the exception of the small square.

For the moment, the environmental pole has put into operation a large part of the initial plan. The square was created on Francisco Yunyent street (between Juncalillo and Chancay), the IPAA building was finished, the IPAA was enhanced and a path and viewpoint to the Suquía river was created on the ULA property.