The Court of Control, Offenses, Childhood, Youth, Juvenile Criminal, Family and Gender Violence of Laboulaye, in charge of Judge Sebastián Moro, has decided to enable the judicial fair in July in order to guarantee the continuity of the investigation into the murder of Joaquín Sperani Flores.

In this sense, it has been reported that On Thursday, July 6, public defender Mariana Ferreyra made a personal visit to the adolescent involved in the homicide, who is staying at the Admission and Diagnostic Center (CAD) located in the Esperanza Complex in the city of Córdoba, with the purpose of to safeguard its integrity.

It is important to note that The public defender will assume the role of complementary representative of the adolescent in the juvenile criminal process, providing the necessary legal assistance throughout the procedure.

With this decision of the court and the presence of the public defender, it is sought to guarantee that an exhaustive and fair investigation of the case is carried out, allowing the facts to be clarified and justice done in relation to the tragic death of Joaquín Sperani Flores.

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