The Municipality of Córdoba, through the Ministry of Culture and Youth and the Ministry of Citizen Participation, will carry out throughout this week the itinerant cycle “Let’s make movies!”, to enjoy the latest releases of Cordoba fiction.

In addition, each function will be accompanied by special activities that will be proposed within the framework of each projection. There will also be talks with directors and subsequent debates around the themes of each film.

The screenings will take place every Wednesday at 7 pm, starting tomorrow and until August 24. The cycle will tour the Alta Córdoba Cultural Center, the Casa de Pepino Cultural Center, the CPC Argüello, the CPC Guiñazú and the CPC San Vicente. Entrance is free and open.

The itinerant film cycle begins • Channel C

projection grid

07/27: At the Casa de Pepino Cultural Center (Fructuoso Rivera 287) the film “Lxs disobedient” (Argentina, 2022) by Nadir Medina will be screened. “Alicia, a trolley bus driver, accidentally finds herself involved in a rebellion against a despotic and totalitarian regime. Starting from a mysterious episode, Alicia joins a group of disobedients and confronts the security forces, returning to the spirit of that rebellious Córdoba of the late 60s”, anticipates the synopsis.

3/08: At the Alta Córdoba Cultural Center (N. Rodríguez Peña 1600), it will be the turn of “Las motitos” (Argentina, 2021) by Inés Barrionuevo and Gabriela Vidal.
“Juliana and Lautaro live in a poor neighborhood surrounded by police. They are in love and face an unwanted pregnancy. They do not know what to do. To whom will they turn to avoid illegality and abandonment? Juliana’s mother, Flor, realizes what is happening and decides to act”, she anticipates her.

08/10: At the CPC Argüello (Av. Rafael Núñez 6500) “The summer we saw you” (Argentina, 2022) by Tomás Roldan will be presented. “Nicolás, a young man marked by the death of his best friend, Lucas, is invited to spend a weekend with his high school friends in the mountains of Cordoba. The meeting is held at the request of Laura, Lucas’s sister. The boys, after a year without seeing each other, meet at the summer house where they shared many moments in the past. As the days go by, tensions resurface, Nicolás’s resentment towards Juan holding him responsible for Lucas’s death, the unfulfilled romance with Belén and Pablo’s unconditional friendship”, he anticipates.

08/17: At the CPC Barrio Guiñazú (Avenida Juan B. Justo 9654) “Ciudad Universitaria” (University City) (Argentina, 2022) by Rosendo Ruiz will be exhibited. “Angela (57) is starting a university career but she doesn’t have options to combine some subjects with her work schedule. Her classmates sympathize with her by making a series of claims inspired by the reformist students of 1918, with whom they revive the revolutionary spirit of those years”, advances the synopsis of the film.

08/24: At the CPC Centro Cultural San Vicente (San Jerónimo 2850), it will be the turn of “Bandido” (Argentina, 2021) by Luciano Juncos. “Roberto Benítez, artistically known as ‘Bandido’, is a popular music singer who, past middle age, enters into an aesthetic crisis and his career stagnates. Bandido is the victim of a criminal situation and some neighbors come to the place to help him, among them Rubén, an old friend who accompanied him in his first years of career. Bandido will have on his horizon a new opportunity to find himself and his most longed-for passion”, anticipates the synopsis.