The Justice authorized the Ministry of Social Development to pay for the Enhance Work Program, while the analysis continues on a case-by-case basis to detect possible incompatibilities.

The portfolio led by Victoria Tolosa Paz had requested federal judge Ariel Lijo to authorize the normal payment of the social plan so as not to affect the beneficiaries who are within the rule. In this way, this Wednesday the respective transfers will begin to be made to pay the benefit.

“I asked the judge for authorization to deposit, because I am not going to commit any act of injustice, nor am I going to commit any crime,” explained Tolosa Paz.

Within the framework of the actions carried out by the Ministry in order to identify potential incompatibilities and inconsistencies, the National Tax and Social Identification System was required to provide the register of holders with the required cross-linking from the databases provided by the AFIP .

After cross-referencing the data, the social portfolio proceeded to terminate 20,410 beneficiaries who did not meet the requirements to be the holder of the Potenciar Trabajo.

The Ministry of Social Development remarked that “the detailed analysis of the list of active holders continues in order to continue detecting potential incompatibilities.”

Source: NA