This Wednesday, the Córdoba Justice auction portal announced that next Tuesday, June 21, an auction of the rights and shares of the Trulalá brand, belonging to the renowned quartet band, will take place.

The band appears in the document as property of Adriana Rosalía Supino, Diego Gastón Cánovas, Mauricio Manuel Cánovas and Jesica Vanesa Cánovas, heirs of the “Universidad del Cuarteto”.

In dialogue with La Voz del Interior, Diego Gastón Cánovas, said that they found out about this situation today and confirmed that they do not plan to sell the brand, nor do they intend to do so.

The situation has been left in the hands of the family’s lawyers, who also ensure that they have their papers up to date. “We don’t know what’s behind it,” Diego Cánovas said.

The auction will be on June 21 at 10 in the morning and starts with 11,629 pesos for the payment of expenses and judicial commissions.

The auction, according to the document, “Without base, to the highest bidder. An incremental amount of ten thousand pesos ($10,000) is established, with the buyer having to pay the total amount of his purchase plus the commission of the auctioneer’s law; the percentage to integrate the fund for the prevention of family violence, according to the provisions of Law 9505 and other commissions and taxes that are in charge, within a period of 24 hours, according to the payment methods provided in the portal.