The candidate for the United for Marcos Juárez party, Verónica Crescente, spoke on Channel C about the work she has been doing together with Eduardo Foresi in order to succeed the current mayor of Marcos Juaréz, Pedro Dellarossa. In relation to how he lives this day (the one of the elections), Crescent expressed: “the truth is that it has been an intense day like all the two months of campaign that we have had, of course with special adrenaline because it is a very important day”

“I am calm because of the task carried out by an excellent human team that is working from the first hour with all the inspections of the people who are working here, space that really gives peace of mind and a lot of satisfaction, but well, we have to wait, I think it is good. The ballot The only one has, the scrutiny is quite simple, which I calculate that we will have the results early, “said the candidate of Unidos por Marcos Juárez.

In relation to the expectations that he has for these elections, Crescente affirmed: “the expectations are obviously to be able to win the elections, to be able to carry out the government that we have planned with the human team that accompanies us and, above all, to achieve and end the day as a day civic life in peace and harmony”. In addition, the candidate herself assured that in the last days the campaign became “a little aggressive”. “We live in a city of 30,000 inhabitants, that is not good for anyone, we all know each other, we are all good people and good neighbors who have to continue living together as of Monday, so I think that what has to prevail is that,” he sentenced.

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