On Monday the 29th, the verdict on the case of Fabio la “Mole Moli” was announced. The former boxer from Córdoba was sentenced to two years and two months on probation. The penalty is for gender violence against her ex-partner, the events occurred in 2019 in Villa del Rosario.

“He is sentenced and his release is conditional. If he does not comply with any of the conditions imposed by the judge, that freedom could be instantly revoked”, expressed Mariana Montalto, lawyer for “La Negrita”.

“You must attend the comprehensive center for men to develop your psychological treatment, accredit the report every month. Also, he has to report to chamber 12 every month. Finally, he will have to establish an address, he will not be able to move or leave the country ”and he added:“ La Negrita is afraid. Justice decided not to put a panic button”.

Finally, the lawyer clarified that the violence began in 2019 when Mole Moli asked La Negrita for a paternity test for Marina, the daughter the couple has in common.

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