Finally, the Liberal Democratic Development Front, made up of the Democratic Party of Córdoba and the Integration and Development Movement, presented its list of candidates for the Electoral Court of Córdoba, ahead of the provincial elections on June 25 in Córdoba.

It is made up of Rodolfo Eiben, candidate for governor of the province, and Gabriel Bornoroni, candidate for lieutenant governor. As a candidate to head the list of provincial legislators is María Cecilia Ibáñez.

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From the Liberal Democratic Development Front they affirmed “we are pleased to be able to represent the Cordovan people who daily seek a change in the country’s politics, ending once and for all with the caste that ruins the future of Argentina. We are the liberal hope that Córdoba needs and the country”.

The complete list of candidates:

Rodolfo Eibén. (Governor Candidate)
Gabriel Bornoroni. (Lieutenant Governor Candidate)
Ibanez Maria Cecilia
Ponce Maria Alejandra
Gimenez Adolfo Hugo
Gonzalez Claudia Susana
Sarich Mateo Esteban
Perez Gladys Elizabeth
Tossen Daniel Santiago del Valle
Black Maria Paola
Cayon Ricardo Esteban
Velazquez Andrea Fabiana