Last Friday, May 27, a preview of what will be the documentary-series of the group that broke records between the 80’s and 90’s was presented at the “Serializados Fest” in Ibiza, Spain: locomia. Four men who, with their extravagant outfits, deep voices and huge fans, managed to captivate audiences around the world.

There will be three episodes of the story that revolutionized disco-pop at the time. Directed by Jorge Laplace, produced by Boxfish for the Movistar Plus platform, it will feature first-person testimonies from some of those who starred in those crazy years. It is about Xavier Font, founder of the group and its musical producer, José Luis Gil, two of the official voices that the production will have.

During the aforementioned event, Laplace highlighted: “It has two antagonistic layers that work. The soap opera, jealousy, polyamory, betrayal, ambition and failure. But it does not stop there, it is also a perfect vehicle to count the nineties. A transgressive group made up of four homosexuals, who couldn’t say they were in order to be successful.”

Check out the full trailer below: