By Lucía Cabral, for Channel C

As the audience settled into their seats, we could hear the sweet voice of the 18-year-old from Cordoba, Letizia Vocos. She who kindly addressed the public saying “I can’t believe how many people there are. Thank you very much for the good vibes” and invited us to follow her on her social networks. She sang some of her songs like “Fajitas & Love” and shared with us her version of “Rosas” from La Oreja de Van Gogh that the audience began to sing in unison.

Finally, a few minutes after 9:00 p.m., Abel Pintos with his new look, black suit and glasses took the stage. “Up to here” was the song chosen to start the night. Although, some of the songs most chanted by the public were “Do not forget me”, “Pájaro cantor” among others.

Nearly halfway through the 31-song show it began to rain heavily. Definitely, Abel has the most loyal audience, since his followers did not move from their sectors and those who did stayed under the roof. But they never left.

Despite the thunder and rain, people sang and danced to the rhythm of “Camina”, a song that Pintos sings with Los Palmeras. A point in favor of the rain was that at times there were no cell phones recording videos or taking photos, and as in the old days, memories were captured through the eyes.

Abel Pintos was very excited and dedicated a few words to his fans as soon as the show began “I have no words. It’s been many years, Córdoba. Throughout the afternoon I couldn’t get my first performance here out of my head. I dreamed and we dreamed hard for a long time A night like this. Thank you with all my heart. I have no idea how long the show will last, but I’m not going to keep this emotion inside. We’re going to sing many songs. I hope you get to be as emotional as I am. Thanks a million, Córdoba , I love them.”

The singer refused to cut the show until after the last song “Piedra Libre” a thunder shook the stadium and thus it was terminated. However, his followers lived a unique night. Abel’s lyrics, the emotion, couples and friends dedicating themselves to his songs and his love for his music made a storm have no reason to ruin his night.

Abel Pintos in concert: the love of his fans without beginning or end • Channel C

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