After the elections this Sunday, July 23 in the City of Córdoba, the candidate for Chief of Staff for Together for Change, Jorge Macri, delivered an analysis on the loss of from Loredo and expressed concern about the low level of participation.

I am concerned about the low level of participationsomething that has been happening in general,” said the official before the cameras of The Nation+and regretted: “It’s a shame that Juntos por el Cambio did not win. We could make a very good quartermaster“.

“Legitimacy is built on participation,” he said in a dialogue with José del Río, “I don’t like that some transmit to others the right to choose for them. Whoever is not going to vote is giving more power to another. Non-participation is always bad“, remarked the Buenos Aires Minister of Government and pointed out: “The coalition must reflect on the reason for its defeat and above all why there was up to 10% less citizen participation. There are many people who decided not to go.”

Notably passerini surpassed from Loredo by just over 7 points and before the official results were known, the Pro’s candidate acknowledged his loss and congratulated the newly elected mayor of the city.

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On the other hand, the candidate pointed against the ruling party and I accuse Kirchnerism of carrying out a “campaign of fear” in view of the PASO on August 13. “It is common for Kirchnerism to try to generate fear regarding change. The great fear they have is losing power

“These are people who have never been anywhere other than politics, the State and they feel that if they are left without that little place in the world they will not know what to do with their lives“, he expressed.

Later, he reiterates about Kirchnerism “They have dynamited the entire society with the level of inflation we have. Kirchnerism speaks for its rostrum but it would be good if they did a real mea culpa, because when one makes a wrong diagnosis of reality, the problems are never corrected. They have destroyed the middle class.”