A poster with a death threat to journalists written by hand on a cloth and signed with the phrase “You don’t fuck with the mafia” was left this Tuesday at the headquarters of the television channel Telefé – Rosario, on the southern coast of that city of Santa Fe, according to judicial sources.

“To all the media in Rosario. Stop dirtying and condemning the kids with the language that we are going to kill journalists. You don’t fuck with the mafia.” , expresses the poster written on a piece of white cloth with red letters that appeared in front of the facilities of the headquarters of Telefé – Rosario, located on Belgrano Avenue at 1,000, in that city of Santa Fe.

The intimidation was repudiated by the local Press Union, which described it as “extremely serious” and asked that it be investigated.

In statements to the local press, the General Secretary of the Rosario Press Union, Edgardo Carmona, said that the union filed the complaint with the Public Prosecutor’s Office “for investigation” and said that a hearing had already been requested from the governor of Santa Fe. , Omar Perotti, so that the Ministry of Security “acts quickly and prevents this from escalating.”