A few days ago, the multi-award-winning magician and illusionist Matus, carried out a challenge that left hundreds of people speechless who witnessed the feat carried out in Peko’s Multiparque, but also thousands of people who saw the video that was circulating in the social media.

Matus was encouraged to carry out a risky test in which he even played with his own life, the magician was pierced by a giant screwdriver, 20 meters high. Now, the illusionist visited Espacio Canal C and talked about the incredible feat achieved. “Beyond the movement that he generates and that I know is seen everywhere, what is experienced live is spectacular. It’s good that on an artistic level these things can be done in Argentina, here in Carlos Paz I think that’s what the tourist takes with them,” the artist began by saying.

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“Imagine the little head of a child watching that show and one says ‘but I won’t be strong for the boys that’, no, it’s something artistic. It is strong if the parents do not accompany that child and explain how the boys work, ”he said. On the other hand, Matus explained the great security operation that was set up so that he could carry out this test: “There does not have to be 100% security, there has to be 200% security because I am crazy but not that much either. I think that All this adventure is what seduces me and all the technical team to say well, one more challenge, we achieved it, a goal set sail, that is what motivates us”.

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