Over the last few years, the art of manicures has grown considerably and more and more types of designs are becoming a trend, from the calmest and most minimalist to the most extravagant. Any option is valid in a nail salon and for manicure lovers discovering new styles is essential.

This year it is not difficult to realize that simplicity will reign, with the tones naked as favourites, and the oval shape or better known as almond shaped. The clients, in addition, will opt for a rather short length, making an ode to naturalness.


The French manicure, although it is a classic, they always manage to give it a new touch. This year the French nails come in a very minimalist version. On a short, square base and with pink naked The characteristic white line of the French manicure is drawn more naturally, but as thin as possible.


The idea is to use a softer shade like a nude pink, with a bit of shimmer. You can also add glitter or gel to make them stand out more.


It is one of the strong bets for this 2023. nails effect glazed donut also called glazed manicureare a fashion that recreates the pearly manicures that were so popular in the 90s. It is mainly used on nails in a whitish hue with a shiny finish simulating the icing that covers the donut.


This type of manicure arrived at Christmas to stay and establish itself in our day to day. Whether in gold, silver or even in colour, with green being the tone most used by those who opt for this trend, it is a style that cannot be missed.