The hundred-year-old home that saw the beloved Argentine writer and singer-songwriter, María Elena Walsh, grow up, has been restored and transformed into an interactive and charming cultural space that already welcomes visitors of all ages. The María Elena Walsh House Museum, located at Calle Tres de Febrero 547, Villa Sarmiento, in the district of Morón, has been declared a national heritage site and is a place full of stories, details and games that promise to captivate both the new generations and to the adult public that grew up accompanied by his unforgettable songs and stories.

After two years of hard work in the building recovery, the house that housed the childhood of the talented artist was inaugurated in a special event with the presence of the Minister of Culture, Tristán Bauer, and the mayor of Morón, Lucas Ghi. The restoration process was radical, converting the damp-stained walls and deteriorated windows into a bright and vibrant atmosphere, reflecting the bright contribution that María Elena Walsh made to Argentine culture.

Inside the museum, an exciting, unstructured and playful timeline reviews the biography of the writer from her birth in 1930 until her death in 2011. Visitors can immerse themselves in the story of María Elena Walsh through representative objects from her childhood, such as a xylophone, a bell and a roulette wheel, among others, which invite interaction and anticipate the playful proposal of the museum.

The house has spaces that honor different aspects of the life and work of María Elena Walsh. The artist’s library, full of books that were read with her in her childhood, is a prominent space. In addition, a theater room recreates the setting of its acclaimed shows “Songs to watch” and “Let’s play in the world”, allowing the little ones to control the lights and try different costumes to feel like artists.

The opening of this space represents a tribute to one of the most outstanding figures of Argentine culture, who left an eternal and captivating legacy for several generations of readers and viewers.