This Thursday the Marqués de Sobremonte Museum, located in the heart of downtown Cordoba (Rosario de Santa Fe 218), will witness the theatrical premiere of the play “Between two worlds.” It is an Argentine-Canadian production, presented by Cordovan actors.

Between two worlds is a theatrical piece by Livia Magnani, with dialogues in Spanish, French and Italian, it is made in collaboration between artists from Montreal and Córdoba. The work, declared interest in the Legislature of the Province of Córdobaaddresses the genre “Multimedia Performance Theatre” and deals with the theme of migration and adaptation to a strange space.

The story takes place in a café located in a neighborhood of Córdoba, of Italian origin, where the presence of these cultures can be glimpsed. Marie-Sol, a woman from Montreal, of Italian-Argentine and Euro-Eastern origin, sets foot in this café for the first time. There, in relation to space and with José and Steve (the regulars) and Giuliano (coffee barista), she confronts important cultural and spatial differences. Trying to adapt to that environment, she explores her present and her past through internal dialogues until this café becomes her place of refuge and reflection. In a language that is both realistic and poetic, the dramaturgy is inspired by both autobiographical and fictional events.

The theatrical piece is made in collaboration between artists from Montreal and Córdoba. In addition to being performed by Cordovan actors, it is co-produced by the Canadian Embassy in Buenos Aires, the Teatro Real, the French Alliance of Córdoba and the Espace Scène company.

The innovative method of creating this performative piece was the object of research for Livia Magnani’s master’s degree at the École Supérieure de Théâtre of the Université de Québec à Montréal (Canada) and was based on the reflection and study of aesthetic and sensory experience. – visual, sound, of the human environment – ​​of a foreign real space and the bodily movements related to it.

The functions are every Thursday, Friday and Saturday in March at 8:30 p.m. Parallel to the program of functions, the public can participate in the cycle of talks with different specialists on migration and interculturality. In addition to exile, the sense of belonging and rituals. Also about the relationship with the Québec Theater, the heritage architecture of the city of Córdoba and communication.

The entrance has a value of 2750 pesos and They can be purchased through the Autoentrada portal. There will also be a cycle of gatherings with free admission.

“Between two worldsis a play by Livia Magnani

Gatherings at the Museum

They take place on Wednesdays 8, 15 and 22 at 8:00 p.m., with free admission according to the following program:

Wednesday 8
Gathering 1: Migration and interculturality at the Québec Theater and in the play Entre Deux Mondes.
Guests: Ney Cunha Oliveira da Silva, Professor of Theater at the University of Québec à Montréal (UQAM), Livia Magnani, Master of Architecture, playwright and co-director of Entre deux Mondes, Cristina Morini, Arch. theater director, co-director from Entre Deux Mondes; Mia Saurina, Prof. Lic. in Philosophy at the Catholic University of Córdoba.

Wednesday 15
Gathering 2: Cultural heritage, rituals and identity. Guests: Aníbal Manavella, Arq. and prof. specialist in Architectural Heritage, director of the Canada Córdoba Cultural Center. Marcela Fernández, Museology graduate and director of the Sobremonte Museum.

Wednesday 22
Gathering 3: Migration and interculturality. A look from philosophy, communication: Strategies of Intercultural Communication and Formation of collaborative networks in migrant women.
Guests: Mónica Mantegazza, Bachelor of Public Management. Bigbang Art Project.