Anisacate marked history by electing a woman mayor for the first time last Sunday. Natalia Contini, from the PRO and the Civic Front, was elected with a difference of 19 votes.

One of the Contini proposals caused a stir: replacing the representative figure of former President Néstor Kirchner with one of Dr. René Favaloro.

The municipal president, in dialogue with Cadena 3, said:

“When we proposed to remove the statue of Néstor Kirchner, it was because the neighbors asked us to say so in this diagnosis. We proposed to remove it and change it for something that represents us in values, work, effort, but above all in a legacy for the community, how was Dr. René Favaloro’s work”.

The monument to the former presidential president had been imposed in 2011 by his opponent, Matías Cuello, when he replaced it with one of Ramón Salazar, Contini’s former mayor and stepfather.