The CGT and the business chambers agreed on a new minimum, vital and mobile salary with increases in three non-cumulative tranches. They will be tranches of increases of 26.6% and there will be a review next July.

In this way, the income will be 80,342 pesos from April 1, 84,512 from May 1 and 87,987 pesos from June 1, union and official sources reported.

Meanwhile, the CTA led by Hugo Yasky abstained from the vote and its Autonomous counterpart (CTAA) led by Hugo Godoy rejected the proposal and announced a forceful measure for April. For the workers union, the minimum would have to be 180 thousand pesos today.

The Ministry of Labor, headed by Raquel Olmos, confirmed that the agreement was reached by a “broad majority”, since the body’s plenary session approved the commission’s proposal with 30 positive votes, one abstention and one negative vote for that increase. The labor portfolio will convene a new meeting between trade unionists and businessmen for next July 15, official sources confirmed.

What was agreed today by a majority will impact the income received by the beneficiaries of social plans, such as Potenciar Trabajo, Acompañar and the Becas Progresar.