There are very few days left until the Bar Museum of La Mona Jiménez opens its doors. The appointment is for September 12 at the historic corner of Av. Rafael Núñez 4791 esq. Juan de Ávila y Zárate, where for months they have been working on what will be the tribute to the Boss of the Cordovan quartet.

Last Friday Juan Carlos Jiménez Rufino visited the bar with his family. There he was received by the employees of the restoration to the sung cry of “I am Jiménez, Jiménez I am”.

“I see so much joy among you that fills my heart with joy. I am happy, very happy to meet you and see you all. Thank you very much,” La Mona told them with great emotion.

Her children Carli and Natalia shared the moment on social networks: “Today was the welcome with the delivery of uniforms to this great family. Their footprints remained in our history. We welcome them to our universe,” published the designer and the current producer.

The Mona Museum received a visit from the Boss • Channel C