Every time you think that “young people are lost” or that “they don’t understand anything about life”, remember this beautiful gesture. Students in the last year of a school in La Plata found out that Lupi, one of her most beloved teachers, wanted to go see Miranda’s recital at Luna Park -which is presented on October 6 of this year-. As a wish, the teacher had captured it in a Tweet, where she pointed out that this would be the ideal gift for her birthday.

Neither dull nor lazy, the students of “la promo” 2023 echoed and got down to work to raise the money and invite her teacher to the concert. “It occurred to us to give him the ticket”, They said in a video that went viral on social media. In it they initially showed that they were organized via WhatsApp group, seeing among other issues which place in the stadium to buy. The passes cost from $4,500 to $12,000 (The latter, thinking that dividing it among an average of 33 students would be approximately $363 each). Although it did not transpire which ticket they finally bought.

Then, the video shows how Lupi first receives a letter that she reads aloud to the class and then a classmate brings her the envelope that had the Tweet in question printed on the front, and inside the printed ticket to see the Argentine duo of pop. The teacher’s emotion is evident and she thanked her dear students very much. On social media, she reiterated the thanks: “Today I start the day very early, 5 in the morning, wondering if everything I had to do was worth so much effort. And at mid-morning my students surprise me with such a gift. The universe telling me ” , and in another: “Can they have the best students in the world? I can”.

Internet users applauded the gesture of the guys from “the promo”: “If your students do that, it means that the teacher is doing things right, congratulations to her and especially to you”, “Beautiful. He talks about her as a good teacher and about you as her students ”,“ So good and so cute ”and“ ”We love you Lupi” are some of the messages.

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