If you ever wondered what the most expensive apartment in the world will be like, today we bring you the answer. He Sky Penthouse It occupies five floors in the Odeon Tower, the tallest building in Monaco and its price lives up to its name: it is in the heavens.

It is a space that is beyond the laws of architecture, since it has absolutely everything one could imagine: an infinity pool on the terrace, a slide that leaves the ballroom and goes directly to the pool, among others. Besides, it has a 360 degree view over the principality and the sea, its built area is 3,500 square meters.

Lifestyle: Would you live in a city that is only 200 meters wide?

In each of its five floors there are kitchen, floor-to-ceiling windows, state-of-the-art appliances and automated devices for the comfort of its inhabitants. But in addition, the exclusive building offers its occupants catering service, 24-hour concierge, spa center access, and private driver.

It should be noted that the Odeón Tower project was designed and built by the architect Giraldi together with the Marzocco Group. It is one of the tallest towers in Europe with 170 meters high. It has a total of 60 apartments from two to four bedrooms, two duplexes of 1,200 square meters and the sky penthouse.

Its value? Well this unique home is looking for ambitious owners. For some years he has been looking to be bought for the value of 356 million euros or 400 million dollars.

To delight yourself, take a look at the tour inside the apartment: