Netflix has a wide range of movies that cover a large number of categories. Every week it incorporates new releases and in this way its catalog is renewed, which has innumerable hits.

In this note we tell you some of the most viewed feature films on the platform this week. Among them is a romantic drama, a war movie and a thriller with a lot of mystery and suspense.

The school of good or evil

A fantasy film that recounts that every four years two children disappear from a town. Legend has it that they are sent to two twin schools, one of good and one of evil. The film is based on the bestseller by Soman Chainani and directed by Paul Feig. It premiered on October 19, 2022 and harvests around 41.95 million hours viewed.

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No news at the front

A war drama set in 1917 Germany. The story follows the life of a young man named Paul Baumer, who lies about his age in order to enlist with his friends in the army. However, the presence of death, horror and tragedy will give a new meaning to the war.


Thriller that recounts the life of Paula and her husband, who one night return by car from a dinner and suddenly run into a girl wandering alone on the road. Two weeks later, after learning that no one wants her, they decide to take her in her house temporarily, and from there her life will take a 180-degree turn. Paula will begin a journey through dark paths to try to discover the enigma of the girl’s past.

A girl from the 20th century

Romantic drama set in 1999, where a brilliant 17-year-old named Bo Ra is tasked with supervising a schoolmate on behalf of her best friend. However, Bo Ra finds herself involved in her first love affair. A true romantic drama that will make her audience cry.