Death is often a difficult subject to talk about with children, and to teach them how to overcome grief and grieve further. “Travellers, lost in time”, is the new HBO film that seeks through imagination and fantasy to be a vehicle for children to deal with the loss of their loved ones.

The feature film directed by Ana Cristina Martínez tells the story of Leo and his dad Bob who are fond of playing time travel. One day Bob dies and the little boy is convinced that his father did not die but that he is lost in time, so he decides to build a time machine to go in search of his loved one to the past.

The film will show how, through this fantasy game, the strength and value of friendship will be the fundamental pillars for children to go through grief in a less painful way.

The Mexican film stars Fernanda Castillo (The Lord of the Skies), Alex de la Madrid (The Prince of Song), Juan Pablo Monterrubio (Like Fallen from Heaven), Patricio Alvarado Loza, Damayanti Quintanar (The Girl Who Cleans) and Fabrizio Santini (Anchored).

Watch the trailer here: