The works were resumed in March 2021 at the Teatro Comedia facilities, with an investment of more than $309 million by the Municipality. Among the tasks carried out, 500 square meters of roofs were replaced; stalls and stands; new rehearsal rooms; ladders; water cistern; dressing rooms; flooring in the basement; granite machine room; sanitary, electrical and sewer installations; and more.

The placement of the ceiling in the main room where the stage and the audience are located are already being completed, detailed from the Municipality. The purpose of this stage is to improve the acoustics in the shows that take place in the theater. Several elements will maintain their original appearance: the shell of the historic walls located on the sides, columns and beams.

In addition, the placement of the new stage boards, which is 11.5 meters wide by 12.7 meters deep, was completed. Currently, it only remains to complete the same task in the emergency corridor.

The works are developed by the Department of Architecture, dependent on the Ministry of Urban Development.