The Municipality of Córdoba, through the Directorate of Socio-educational Strengthening, of the Ministry of Education, incorporated since this year, the modality of free examination in the education of young people and adults.

This proposal arose from the teachers themselves in the framework of a commission made up of supervisors, technicians and officials of the Ministry of Education.

In this way, next Tuesday the 28th, from 10 in the morning at the Neighborhood Meeting Center (CEB) in the Mercantil neighborhood, the first 14 students will perform under this modality, of which the most outstanding 8 women and 6 men from 26 to 79 years old.

The Secretary of Education, Horacio Ferreyra, expressed in this regard: “The modality of young people and adults, in addition to face-to-face and blended education, has incorporated free exams as an alternative, generating more and better opportunities for those who want it and feel prepared , they can take the exam and thus pass their primary studies and continue with their secondary studies.”

Before arriving at the evaluation body, the 14 enrolled students had the opportunity to participate in tutorials during the months of November and December of last year, through which support classes and consultations on various topics were offered, seeking to strengthen learning and clear all kinds of queries.

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