To a full room and with two daily functions, Fátima Flórez is presenting her new show “Fátima is World”, a show that brings together the best of music, humor, dance and the best imitations. Once again, the award-winning artist takes the stage to show her enormous talent in a mega production that is positioned as one of the best theatrical options to see in Villa Carlos Paz.

In this context, we spoke with the “Mute” Esperanza, the one in charge of putting a share of humor on the night of Fatima, and he told us all about the success they have achieved this season. “We have been breaking it, the truth is that we are very happy that people are responding a lot, people always respond to Fatima. They were always difficult times, we come from a very hard time and it is difficult for people to go on vacation, there are many theatrical offers and that they choose Fatima is a very nice thing, ”said the comedian.

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In relation to his role in the play, the “Mute” said: “I have three blocks with different monologues where I take a tour of the world and we play a little with this World Cup thing and with this thing about ‘Fatima is World Cup’”. And he added: “it is a completely renewed show, in terms of costumes, musicals and dancers. There is a live musical that breaks it.

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