The unusual video was released this Wednesday. An officer of the Córdoba Police was traveling standing in the bed of the Fuerza’s van by Circunvalación, near Fuerza Aérea avenue. The moment was captured by the passenger of another vehicle, which caused social networks to be filled with criticism against the uniformed man.

After a whole day of doubts, the Police finally ruled on the reckless episode. “It is clear that you should not circulate like this, less if you are in uniform and less if you are on top of a police vehicle”they admitted, explaining that the officer “I was holding a sign to prevent it from flyingthey had tried to steal it, there was a detainee and the billboard was kidnapped”.

Regarding the criminal act, they indicated that a 19-year-old subject identified as Yael Mauricio Moyano had been arrested in possession of the sign on the Donosa bridge in Estación Flores this Wednesday at 4:00 p.m. in question. There were no injuries and the offender was arrested.

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With information from El Doce