The national government made a presentation before the Supreme Court of Justice so that the court itself, but with another configuration, suspends the effects of the ruling issued last Wednesday. In this measure, the National State was ordered to increase the co-participating mass in favor of the City of Buenos Aires (CABA), by raising it to 2.95%.

The judicial proceeding took place the same day that the Government of Alberto Fernández made official its decision to transfer TX31 bonds to the city of Buenos Aires. Meanwhile, the Buenos Aires management filed a criminal complaint in the federal courts of Comodoro Py against officials of the National Executive Power whom it accused of not complying with the Court’s ruling.

In two writings signed by the Treasury Attorney, Carlos Zannini, the Government of Alberto Fernández filed a revocation “in extremis” to annul the precautionary measure issued on December 21. He also demanded that the members of the highest court excuse themselves from intervening so that the presentation can be analyzed by judges who had not participated in the questioned decision.

It maintains that “the sentence affects the general interests of the Nation as a whole, depriving the National State of the necessary resources to be able to carry out essential policies that correct the structural inequalities that exist in the Argentine Provinces.”

The request for revocation warned that “the discussion should focus, strictly, on the amount of resources (amounts, not percentage of co-participation) to be transferred by the National Treasury to comply with the compensation (…) in order to cover the cost of non-federal security services transferred from the Nation to the City”.

Source: Telam