The measure, promoted by the Ministry of Transport of the Nation, through the National Road Safety Agency, was made official with the publication in the Official Gazette of decree 242/2022 and its central purpose is to generate a new road awareness that promotes the citizen and collective responsibility to all Argentines.

In this sense, the new national scoring system grants a base of 20 points to each male and female driver who has a National Driver’s License and as a consequence of committing infractions, points are deducted until disqualification is reached. The first suspension to drive, produced by the accumulation or reiteration of infractions, will be 60 days.

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Violations and discounts

  • Driving with an expired driver’s license: discount 5 points
  • Circulate without the RTO done: discount 4 points
  • Motorcyclist without a case: deduct 5 points
  • Driving without the seat belt fastened: deducts 4 points
  • Go through a red light: deduct 5 points
  • Driving with physical or mental impairments, under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medication: deducts 10 points
  • Do not respect speed limits, less than 30%: 5 points
  • Do not respect speed limits, more than 30%: 10 points

To recover points, motorists can take road safety courses, while professional drivers can use this option on an annual basis. Once the periods of disqualification have expired, the driver will again receive the balance of points.