The Netflix platform adds another series to its primer that, like the latest works, is the case of “An exemplary family”, a new series from the Asian country that intends to follow in the footsteps of The Squid Game, the boom of 2021 .

The new miniseries tells the story of Jung Woo, a teacher and breadwinner in a bankrupt family on the verge of divorcing his wife (Yoon Jin-seo), with a teenage daughter and a sick son who is desperately struggling to survive. a heart transplant. He desperately needs money, and finds it in a bag inside an abandoned car on the road with two bodies inside. From there, he will be involved in a criminal gang that pressures and extorts him to become a mule for the organization.

A story that comes to raise how people outside the world of violence, and who find themselves in extreme situations and under a lot of pressure, are forced to make dramatic decisions

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Watch the trailer here: