The new messaging application that seeks to dethrone WhatsApp already has more than 1.3 million users. This is WowApp, an app that was created by Thomas Knobel, a Swiss entrepreneur. Knobel seeks that through the new platform users can share money and use it as a virtual wallet.

In addition, WowApp, like WhatsApp, offers the user individual and group chats, video calls, file transfer, among other features. It also allows you to make international calls at cheaper prices than other services.

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But what stands out most about this application is that through the use of these functions and the acquisition of users, Wowcoins are accumulated. A kind of cashback for users, each of them is equivalent to 1 dollar cent and can be credited to your bank or donated to one of the 2000 charities associated with the company. WowApp wants to develop a platform where money can be generated by buying or using a service or product.