Users who use WhatsApp are always waiting for more emojis to be added to improve conversations, which is why the instant messaging app confirmed that the emoticon pack will be updated by the end of this year and the beginning of 2023.

These new emojis will be available for Android and iOS cell phones and among them are light blue, gray and pink hearts. Also high-five hands in all six colors and a trembling face.

Regarding the animals, six new emoticons will be added, such as a crow, a goose, jellyfish, an elk, a donkey and a wing. Finally, they released another nine emojis that are recognized as a violet flower, ginger, peas, a fan, a comb, maracas and a flute. The most anticipated are the two new symbols that one of them is the Wi-Fi and the other the Sikh Faith.

On July 17, World Emoji Day is celebrated and Emojipedia was in charge of showing the images of what the new emoticons will be like, which could begin to be available from September onwards, depending on the corresponding operating systems.

The new emojis that will arrive on WhatsApp in 2023 were known • Channel C