The tech giant keeps adding new features within each of its platforms. Google knows that every time new applications are added to the network in which users spend more time, thanks to the fact that they have multiple functions that are very useful to people, that is why they continue not to want to be left behind with respect to your competitors.

Within this framework, Google has just announced through its official blog in India that it is working on a new function that can be used in its search engine and that will change the way users search. It will be called “Video Search”, and it will allow us to search for information on anything that is mentioned in a video.

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How will it work? From now on, when you play a video from the Google search engine, a button that says Search in video will start to appear. When users click on it, a search bar will appear with which you can locate any element that is there. All you have to do is write a keyword and Google will show you the results at the bottom of the box.

In addition, direct links will be included to the exact minute of the video in which what you are looking for is mentioned. At the moment, this new function is working on a trial basis in the United States and India, it is unknown when it will arrive globally.